Monday, April 9, 2012

WPPA Awards (Wyoming Professional Photographers of America)

"Beary Cute" received 2nd place on

"Mother's Embrace" I received 3rd on

"Inner Strength" I received 3rd place on

I went to the Wyoming PPA conference in March. I found this group of amazing photographers last year. I am so glad I did. They are great. I love that we can get together and share and help each other out! I took a few classes, learned lots and I entered the print competition for the first time this year. I did pretty good for a new comer. Next year will be even better! I was also put on the board as a board member. Wow what on honor. I am a little scared to be on the board but happy too.
I received 4 awards. I received 3 place on the flamingo print, 3rd place on the male portrait, 2 place on the baby, and received the New Comer-or First Timer Award! It was pretty cool! Next year I want to do Lots Better-that is the point of the print competition. It is to help you get better-it teaches you what you are doing wrong or could change to make it better! :)

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